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Value Pack Frozen Chilean Cod Fish* 2-3 pieces (500g) 急冻智利银鳕鱼超划配套
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Frozen Chilean Cod Fish 2-3 pieces* (total of 500g) 
*steack cut* 

1. Premium cod fish from Chile
2. Blast quick-frozen upon harvest to retain freshness
3. To guarantee natural freshness and longer shelf life, each cod fish portion has been individually vacuumed packed 
4. This is a cod fish slice and has bone(steak cut). It is not a fillet

The difference between portion cut or steak and fish fillet is the cut. If the flesh of the fish is cut whole to separate it from the bone, then, you have a fillet.
If the fish is cut cross-wise, cutting through the bone, the resulting cut is a fish steak or portion cut.