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Pork Luncheon Meat 午餐肉 (400g)
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Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 7 cm x 1 cm
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真空包装冷藏式午餐肉 (400g) 

Vacuum packed Pork Luncheon Meat (400g) 

Luncheon Meat Fried Rice

  • All ingredients should be cut into uniform pieces: spam and mixed vegetables. This will make sure that everything cooks evenly.
  • Cook the eggs before you fry the rice. This will ensure that the eggs are formed into nice and regular pieces.
  • Use a wok (preferred) or a skillet on high heat. Keep stirring and frying the rice in a back and forth motion with a spatul, flipping and tossing with the ingredients.



  • 所有成分应切成均匀的碎片:垃圾邮件和混合蔬菜。 这将确保所有食物均匀烹饪。
  • 在炒饭之前先煮鸡蛋。 这样可以确保鸡蛋形成漂亮且规则的块。
  • 在高温下使用炒锅(首选)或煎锅。 继续用小铲来回搅拌和炒饭,翻转并扔入配料。
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午餐肉 Pork Luncheon Meat (400g)